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Miller Consulting Enterprises LLC. is a safety consulting and training business that is ready and able to assist any business with training for their cleaning staff as well as perform area disinfection with a chemical fogger. The solution I use is an EPA approved virucide that kills the Covid-19 virus along with a host of other germs, bacteria and viruses that plague the workplace. My company is fully insured, and our staff is well trained in performing decontamination practices.

We service medical and dental offices, emergency services organizations, dinning and banquet facilities, bingo halls, movie theaters, bars, vehicles, office and industrial buildings, nursing, group and residential homes, educational and day care facilities.

If at any point you need assistance in training or decontamination services, please feel free to call on Miller Consulting Enterprises LLC. as my staff and I take health and safety very seriously and want all your visitors, staff or family to feel comfortable to enter your business or home.

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